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tv   Today  NBC  January 4, 2013 2:05am-3:00am PST

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from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. it's thirsty thursday. it's january 3rd, 2013. kathie lee is still enjoying some time off and recovering from her root canal. >> oh, did you talk to her? >> i left her a voice mail, but she wasn't answering. >> she's probably sleeping. >> taking drugs. >> taking drugs. >> which she likes to do. all right. so how was your night recovering after your birthday?
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>> yesterday we did this whole segment about how you want a dog and you're so excited, and you feel you could handle a dog. so then i go home and i'm taking down my tree, christmas tree. which is so dry. people should take their trees down and let go because they're dangerous. they really are dangerous. >> right. >> so anyway, i'm taking it down, and i smell something awful, and my poor little doggy jasper had vomited all over the rug, okay? all over. and then proceeded to have problems throughout the house. >> what does that have to do with the tree? >> nothing. except i went to dr. kay, who is our vet. he is unbelievable. but i digress. i went to dr. k. i was so worried. he was trembling. and the doctor said did you take your tree down by any chance? i said yeah, how funny that you ask that. he said if the dog drank any of the water, that could make him quite ill. so i don't know if that's what it was, but my point in all of this was when you get a dog you are really getting a baby. and you have to prepare yourself for the fact that animals have
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accidents. you can't control it. it's not on your time ame. it's when they're ready. you can't just leave it for somebody else. >> why do you think i wouldn't be good at this? because here's the thing. look what -- >> i've seen you in the dressing room. it's disgusting. >> okay. >> you don't pick up. >> okay. i already have a dog walker. this is before i have the dog. that way, see what i mean, when i come to work during the day, someone can walk the dog. >> you don't want to walk the dog. >> i do. when i'm out. and i noticed when i was going to starbucks right by my apartment there's a vet right there. >> well, that's good. okay. >> so i'm ready. >> all right. i just hope you're prepared for all the things that can happen in your me. if you have really nice things -- >> i don't. forget about it. i don't. >> i want you to get a dog. >> speaking of dogs, there was a little bit of a controversy yesterday during our show, okay? i was holding a dog that was kind of like a kangaroo. its legs were really long. >> oh, my gosh. >> it was long. anyway, so while the -- we were doing the segment, the dog got a
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little out of control. >> crazy. >> and then it ran away from me, and there are a couple of places that said i cursed, which i don't think i ever do on the air. >> i think they thought you said the s-word, right? >> the s-word. let's watch and see what really happened. >> this is called heeling. >> sorry. >> did you catch her? >> i probably did. [ slow motion ] >> well, that doesn't help when they slow it down. >> i didn't say -- >> what did you say? come on. >> i think i said she's -- she's -- shiz, like sheeeez. >> gawker and perez hilton, both of whom think there was some cursing going on -- >> why do they care? >> i don't know why they would care. if they really want to hear cursing, they can just go to your dressing room. there's another side of meredith that only we know. >> i am a little bit bad that way. you're right. >> but it's nice.
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>> i had an accident on the air once. not an accident. i swore on the air once. >> you did? >> let's take a look back. >> meredith. >> oh, geez. you shouldn't be -- oh, [ bleep ]. >> okay. >> i'm just going to clarify something in that last segment we did that i was behind the wheel. i thought i saw a shift in front of me. it wasn't a shift. it was actually a vehicle. that is some of the finest driving i've done in months. >> no, you said -- >> i said chip. >> you said chip. that's what i said. >> exactly. >> there's some video out there that is causing some controversy. we saw it in the make-up room earlier, and it's one of those things that makes you cringe a little. this is a woman from south dakota. her 8-year-old son, right? >> it's christmas time. >> yeah. >> she's running a video of him. and he has gone on ebay, right?
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just kind of looking around. thinks that he pressed the buy button for a mustang. >> a real mustang. >> and he -- it's heart-breaking actually to watch it. he's crying. he's saying i'm so bad or -- >> let's watch the tape. this is while his -- his mom taped it while he was crying. >> why did you buy that $50,000 car on ebay? >> i didn't. >> you did. >> i did. oh. can we cancel it? >> it won't cancel it. you hit buy. [ crying ] >> is that true? did i? >> i'm afraid so. >> i am horrible. >> you're not horrible, baby. you made a mistake. [ crying ] >> oh, no. >> what kind of car was it? >> it was a mustang. i didn't mean to buy it. i was just looking, and he said when i tried to exit out i hit buy. i didn't mean to. i'm like oh no, oh no, so i
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turned the ipad off. >> hey, bub. you didn't buy it. [ laughing ] you didn't buy it. >> oh. >> that's very upsetting to look at. the mom and the son were actually on earlier in the morning. >> yeah. she was asked do you have any regrets, and she said my regret is i took the video vertically because that's where she got criticism. i think it's weird to -- first of all, that kind of stuff as being funny, i don't get it. i don't get -- she said she wanted her kid to learn how to take a joke. >> right. and develop a good sense of humor. then when he was asked how did you feel when she told you that it was a joke he said that was okay, right? and it's not okay. >> because this video -- like a lot of these, they live forever and ever and ever. i can even just think of today like this kid's classmates are saying it's already on youtube, and it's gotten a gazillion hits. she thought it was funny. i think it's one of those things that you're watching her embarrass him. i was totally turned off. >> right.
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i mean, i don't know their family dynamics. but when you look from the outside at it, you just see a kid that's heartbroken. he thinks they're going to have to sell everything. and the guilt that he felt. >> we're against it. >> yeah. >> okay. so meredith vieira, we asked people to tweet you yesterday. okay? meredith has a twitter account, which we found out. >> why does that sound disgusting when you say it? to tweet you. such a connotation -- >> you are a total sicky, okay? these are the tweets that you have done over the last -- your last one was 607 days ago. okay? >> i have never, ever -- >> yes, you did. i was with you when you tweeted. don't you remember when you were learning? >> yeah, but i never -- i don't think i actually put -- >> you did. >> okay. i did. >> here. you wrote this one. two of them. now that i'm tweeting, that twit lauer can't be far behind. >> that sounds like me. >> and then you wrote this one. "it's cold outside, but i'm one hot mama." >> i did not write that. >> apparently you did.
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>> oh. >> 600 and -- how many days? i can't see. >> i don't know. i can't see. >> 667. or 87. let's do a tweet, should we? okay. we're going to tweet your first tweet. her twitter handle, by the way, is meredith -- @meredithvieira. >> that's so original. >> what do you want to tweet? >> i do not -- >> don't even do that. >> -- want -- >> wanty. >> -- want to tweet. >> i'm not tweeting. i'm deleting that. good-bye. good-bye. how about i'm just going to write "tweet me. come on." by the way, i just want to let you know how many -- no. this is what you're doing right here. >> okay. >> okay. tweet me. send. now, the thing is you got since yesterday -- >> right. >> -- an additional not 1,000 twitter followers. not an additional 2,000, but an additional 3,000. >> why would -- how do you get followers if you are saying you don't tweet?
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i don't -- they're following -- >> they're following you. they're waiting patiently for you. >> we'll see. >> all right. >> i get to do this ihoda playlist every thursday. >> go ahead. >> this is a good one. i think you're going to like it. it's old school. you may know it. >> wait, wait, wait. i know all about this music, okay? kathie lee and i have talked about your playlist. >> get ready. this one is so good. get ready. >> we've hijacked -- >> what? >> take a listen. ♪ >> what is this? oh, no. ♪ could hold you >> oh, no. k.l.g. is singing at alabama jack's. ♪ i'm crazy for crying >> oh, no. ♪ i'm crazy for loving you oh, no. indeed. >> what is alabama jack's? a hangout of hers? >> yes. it's a hang-out that she loves.
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it's where -- bambino is front and center. this is in key west where kath is, and this is one of her favorite hang-outs where she says people do clogging and they drink a lot. >> clogging? really? >> yeah. >> i thought that was north carolina clogging. >> yeah, i like it. >> all right. >> does she ever do this, or it's always you that has the music? >> it's always me. what happened there? can we do mine still? >> sure. i guess. >> you'll like this one. let's do it. no? we don't have it? what? >> that was it. >> oh, no. ♪ >> how do i write that? >> you can't. is it okay or not okay? we do this thing every week. let's see. the question is is it okay to leave your underwear at your home? >> you mean not wear underwear? >> yes, not wear underwear. >> okay. >> what do i say? >> i mean it literally. i say -- >> no, it's not -- >> why do you have this prop? no, it's not okay. why, oh why, would you ever go
2:16 am
without your undies? well, if you are wearing a super clingy dress and you don't want panty lines, i kind of get it. apparently, you've done that. but other than that, keep you why undies on, please. >> kathie lee says ask the people who regret doing so, and there's your answer. >> have you ever done that? seriously. be honest. be honest. just be honest because -- >> who cares? >> no. >> no. i've worn spanx without underwear, but i always wear spanx because i'm very self-conscious. >> really? >> yeah. i always wear spanx. even if they're hanging out. i don't even care. i'd rather have them hanging out than not have them on. do you ever go without yours, your underwear? >> not the way these women do where they get out of cars with their legs wide open. i do not do that. >> but why would you ever go without your -- >> because when i was a kid, i took tap dancing, and so i always wore a leotard, and so sometimes i'll have a leotard that's covering up. >> okay. but you wouldn't ever just go free? >> no. >> okay. >> no. no. >> mm-hmm. >> no, i would never do that.
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>> all right. it's time for web-tastic. we're going to turn to our girl sara. hey, girl. >> hey. we have another fun one to make you laugh. there's nothing better than these cute little babies. okay. go ahead. let's run it, and then we'll talk. [ laughing ] [ vacuum noise ] >> it's okay. it's okay. >> the vacuum scares the little baby. they've seen the reaction earlier, and they wanted to see if it was the vacuum, so they turned it on again. >> to scare the kid ain? >> it's good parenting. today the theme is good parenting. >> cruel. this is a cruel program. >> all right. coming up, he kept it off, and we'll talk to our friend al roker. look at him reading to children. and talk about amazing transformations. two women get ambushed on the plaza for head to toe makeovers. but first these messages. ound o. then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater;
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>> many of you are resolving to lose weight in the new year. >> wait. >> just go ahead and put it on gawker immediately. okay? >> i'm so sorry. >> stay where you are. [ bleep ]. >> i dropped all my cards. >> we're a little late with the beep. >> a lot of people are vowing to lose weight and get a little inspiration. you're going to get going. our good friend al roker is here. he spent a lifetime battling his weight. >> at his heaviest -- >> at his heaviest al weighed 340 pounds. today he is more than 100 pounds lighter in his new memoir "never gone back" al talks about breaking the yo-yo dieting cycle for good. hello, al. >> how good is it to have meredith back, al? >> so good. >> meredith has done this. there's a cleanse. >> what is it? >> this is almond milk, strawberries, protein powder. i usually put a little almonds in it as well. >> mm-hmm. >> you want to put that down?
2:21 am
>> yes, i'll put that down. >> okay. >> al? >> yes. >> by the way, this book is riveting. for those of us who've known you for a long timish it's funny how revealing it was even to us. were you at all uncomfortable with revealing that part of you? >> you know, i wrote it, and i worked with a terrific co-writer, a woman laura morton. but you know, i didn't think it was that big a deal, and then i started hearing from people and they say it's brutally honest. i thought, oh, wait a minute. maybe i shouldn't have put this in here. >> so why did you? because it is brutally honest. some of your stories are -- >> whenever i go out to speak or i'm at functions where people keep wanting -- what did you do? how did you do this? what did do you? i say maybe i should write it down. so that's what i decided to do. >> well, your dad was such a major player for many, many years, and on his death bed he asked you -- he said to you, al, you know, i want you to lose the weight. that's a lot to carry around. >> yeah. you know what, it was one of these things where i did it. you know, he made me promise,
2:22 am
and he made me swear to god that i would do it, and i did. he was gone about a week and a half later. you kind of forget about that stuff, and then the new year started, and i started really thinking about and we found out we were pregnant with our second child, nicki, and i thought, you know, i have to do this. i had been thinking about bypass earlier. kind of had gone back and forth and i finally said, i'm not going to do this. i'm just tired of this. i'm tired of doing this dance. so i decided to go ahead. i met with this fantastic surgeon dr. marina cureon and got it done. >> you said you have to do it. anybody who is dealing with weight issues, you have to do it for yourself. >> yeah. we know we're fat. you're telling us, oh, you've got to lose weight. we know we do. that's the way it works. but until you -- in a sense it's like any alcoholic or anybody who abuses drugs. until you're ready to do this, no program, no 12-step program, nothing is going to work for you until you're ready to say, you know what, i think enough of
2:23 am
myself that i'm going to take the step to do it. >> well, the pain that you carried around from when you were a kid is something i think a lot of overweight people can identify with. but when the comic strip "fat albert" -- or the cartoon came out, that was something that really cut to the quick. >> oh, my gosh. i'm a sophomore in high school in new york city, and let's see, he's black, he's fat, he's funny, and his first name is albert. well, check, check, check. and it was horrible. i mean, that first day the morning after going into school and hearing everybody go "hey, hey, hey." and you joke about it and you -- yeah. and you're dying inside. >> and you said you were an insecure kid and very shy inside. >> i'm still very shy. >> you hide that well. >> well -- >> i would never think that of you. >> like my mentor, willard scott, he's afraid of speaking in public. instead he's one of the most famous weather people ever.
2:24 am
you know, and you find ways to mask that pain, and for me it was food. >> you know, you've had issues with weight and then you've lost weight and regained weight. the name of the book is "never going back." how do you know that? what are you doing now that convinces you? >> i think -- look, i had the bypass. i lost almost 140 pounds. and then about 4 1/2 years ago my mom got sick. and i was driving back and forth to north shore long island jewish, exit 34 on the l.i.e. and i fell back into the same old habits. the trigger, the pain, the fear of losing my mother. and after she passed i thought, you know, i cannot do this again. i put 40 pounds back on. it just so happened a dear friend of ours, john harris, had lost weight doing this cleanse with a nutritionist, melissa bowman-lee out in chicago. i thought, you know what? i'm doing this. and your assistant brook has done this. >> yeah. >> and i thought, you know what? i met with her. and it was great. it changed my life. because whether you do this
2:25 am
cleanse or a juice cleanse or whatever you do, that -- but the exercise, as you know, is so important. i found -- melissa does this slow exercise. a little less. you're not sweating. you do it in a cold gym. but i found it changed my physique. it changed how i felt about exercise. i still hate working out. >> all that stuff is great. al, this book is a terrific read. it's fun to read. there are recipes in the back. there's a lot of take-away, and i think it's inspiring, and we're so happy for you. so happy for you. good luck with this. >> it's so good. i'm glad i got to do this with you. i missed kathie lee. of course you're the gift that keeps giving. >> hello gawker. >> yesterday when you said -- obviously you haven't had any work done. >> i have feelings too, you know? whatever. >> you were fantastic. >> any-hoo -- >> hey, are you going to tweet us some more because that was riveting. >> al's book is "never goin' back." he is never coming back. you can check out our story on
2:26 am
"dateline's" new year new you special. >> two hours. >> at 7:00, 6:00 central here on nbc. >> coming up, the small town stars that make their way to the big. we're going buck wild with cast members from mtv's newest reality show. first, these messages. but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook. it sparks a movement. because people can't keep it to themselves. look! no ugly spots! awesome! incredible shine. i'm switching for good. love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. join the finish revolution and get up to half off.
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they're starting off the new year with a brand new look. our two ladies from our ambush makeovers. >> and they're reality stars serving up some sass -- >> oh, look at nene. look what kathie -- >> plus, how to look like a million bucks on a dime. we've got some beauty insider tricks. >> first your local news? >> uh-huh. and what else? >> weather. >> i've heard that rumor. okay.
2:31 am
2:32 am
♪ i said are you going to be my girl ♪ we're back with more "today" on this thirsty thursday. it's time for our plaza ambush makeovers where two lucky ladies get plucked off the plaza and we surprise them with brand new looks. >> working today as always our
2:33 am
"today" contributors and stylists to the stars -- ♪ louis licari, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ >> thank you, meredith. >> "today" contributor and contributing editor to "people" style watch, jill martin. >> all right. how were the pickins out there, lewis? >> it was good. it was freezing cold, i have to tell you, so it was one of those days where you had to look at the eyes, but other than that, it was great pickings. a lot of people were there. >> you got sisters, didn't you? first up is doris skiles. 61 years old from seely lake, montana. >> 51. >> oh. okay. until recently she hasn't done anything to her hair in 20 years, so she was thrilled when we approached her on the plaza. take a listen. >> well, i love doing sisters because this is going to be so much fun, and i can make you look better instantly with this blanket on you. but tell me why you want this for her. >> she works so hard. she's a grandmother. she deserves a new, fabulous look. >> oh. i know you're surprised, but excited? >> i am.
2:34 am
i'm totally -- and i need this. >> are you ready to ditch the blanket for a hot new dress? >> i am. >> oh, my god. yes. >> how exciting. okay. she's here with her sister, who we're going to make over next, but she's also here with a couple of friends. bobby is here and linda. all right, ladies, please keep on your blindfolds. all right. here is doris before. all right, doris. let's see the new you. ♪ baby, you're a firework >> wow. >> whoa. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you ready? bobby and linda, take off your blindfolds. >> oh, my -- all right. doris, are you ready to see yourself? all right. put your glasses on and turn around. right here. >> oh, my god. >> wow. you look absolutely beautiful. >> do you love it? >> spin right around, sweetie, and look right there, if you wouldn't mind. tell us about the hair, louis. that was -- >> what a better way to start the new year than with her
2:35 am
makeover. this is all about being rich and glamorous. we made her hair color. added depth, and, of course, arsene gave her this great very simple but very chic hair style. >> how do you decide the hair color? it's really beautiful. >> it's a brown, but it has different nuances of color in it, and that's what makes it special. it's not a dull brown. it's very much a -- >> look at the friends, by the way. we need kleenexes galore. tell us what you guys think of the makeover. >> montana isn't going to be the same. >> do you love? >> my aunty is beautiful. >> jill, that's the perfect dress. perfect. >> just because it's after the holidays, you can sparkle a little bit. this is great for maggie. i just want to show the back. show the back. how beautiful is that back? >> gorgeous. love it. >> and the jewelry is kendra jones. >> love it. >> perfect. all right. doris, why don't you take baby steps over to your friends. and now we're going to talk about your sister. >> and you're going to face the wall. okay? >> you're going to face the wall so you can't see. >> all right. doris's sister cindy is 53 from
2:36 am
surfside beach, south carolina. her daily beauty routine consists of putting her hair in a ponytail. so she jumped at the opportunity to receive a glam new look. let's listen to her story. >> now it's cindy's turn. so what do you think about all this for her? >> you know, i think that she works very hard, and she never gets dressed up. she never does anything for herself. and so she deserves this. she needs to feel better and -- yes. she deserves it. >> that's so nice to hear, right? >> yes. >> okay. >> she's beautiful anyway. >> all right. it's a lovefest, and there are tears, but we're going to turn them into smiles. are you ready? >> i'm so ready. >> okay. so obviously cindy has never -- hasn't seen doris since her makeover. doris hasn't seen cindy. >> look at doris, she's being blocked by jimmy our floor manager. >> once again here's cindy before. let's see cindy now. come on. >> wow.
2:37 am
wow, wow, wow. >> hot mama. >> all right. are you ready? everybody turn around. ladies. get the masks off. >> oh, my god. >> did you see your sister too? >> all right. want to see yourself? >> yeah. >> take a look. look in the mirror. >> surprise. >> wow, wow. >> oh, my god. >> you look so beautiful. now look right in the camera. look right there, sweetie. yeah. >> wow. >> right? >> this starts with the hair. the darkest blonde, the darkest warm blonde. then this is very close to her natural color, which she was born with, actually. she looks a little more alive. the swept-away bang erases years. combine that with the make-up, which is soft. the tip is as the aging process goes on, less make-up goes a long way.
2:38 am
>> i don't think people realize that, that less is more as -- >> less is more. >> the outfit is fantastic. >> a little leather. when we put this on, she said i want this. it's from andrew market. it's an indoor-outdoor jacket. you can wear it indoors and out, and the jewelry statement necklace is kendra scott. >> doris, come on, join your sister. take baby steps. a big round of applause. good job, sisters. beautiful. >> all right. a woman is always looking good. "real housewives" diva ne ne leakes is here right after this. again? it's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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[♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day.
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she's famous for speaking her mind and serving up sass on bravo's hit reality show "the real housewives of atlanta." >> but nene leakes has been pulling double duty lately. she's got that role on "the new normal" where she plays rocky, a fierce assistant who's not too different from the real nene, as we've noticed. hey. how are you? >> good morning. how are you? >> you're a busy bee, i have to say. >> i am. >> you got your fame from "the real housewives of atlanta." and you quickly took it and ran
2:43 am
with it. and not everyone can do that, can they? >> not everyone can do that. that's very true. i've been very lucky. i've been very blessed. i think when you get an opportunity or platform such as the "real housewives of atlanta" you have to use it to your advantage. and i was able to do that, and now i'm on a primetime television show. >> yes, you are. >> are you loving that? >> i do. i love ryan murphy. he's fantastic. he is the creator of "glee," "american horror story." and now "the new normal." i love it. quite different than reality. it's a whole hour. lots of hours. >> you earn the money. >> yes, you do. >> in "the new normal" there's a scene in one of the ones -- i think it was the pardon me scene with the turkeys and all that where you and -- you're actually playing your mother's role, your father's role, and your role. that must have been such a trip. so much fun to play all three roles.
2:44 am
>> i couldn't wait to do that. >> look at this. >> look, i got a new job. >> i love that strawberry lemonade. that menu is huge. thank god for those pitchers. >> i am the new assistant to mr. brian talon. daddy, my dreams are coming true. >> dreams don't pay no bills. >> neither do you, you dummy. >> you won't make it out there. >> this is so fun to watch you. it must have been fun to do. >> i was so excited when i got the script for me to play the characters. i called up a few friends who've done that same thing before like tyler. and i was excited. >> tyler perry. >> i was excited to do that. >> you're also on the cover, right? of "ebony" magazine, money and power. >> look at you. >> pretty big stuff. some people were not happy with that. why do you think that is? >> well, i did some interviews, and i talked about -- i just -- my personal thoughts are i felt like i got a lot of flak from my own community, meaning the african-american community. i feel like we don't support each other the way that we
2:45 am
should. i feel like i deserve to be on that cover more than anybody else. i am an african-american who crossed over to primetime, which is not easy to do, and it's not a lot of african-americans who are on a primetime scripted series, so that was huge. and i did so many other things. i have my own charity. i own restaurants. i did so many things that i felt that i deserved it. the editors over at "ebony" felt i deserved it. and that's why you see me on the cover. >> you say some things -- when people come up to you -- because i know not everyone's kind. and you are known to speak your mind. do you say what you think? >> i do. most of the time i try to keep it really real and say what i think. and sometimes i'm very direct, which can sometimes hurt people, but when i say direct, i'm just -- i don't feel like i have that tone, you know, that voice where it's like really sweet. i feel like if you ask me and i just tell you very directly, and sometimes it can shock somebody who -- >> can i ask directly, are you back with greg? what's going on?
2:46 am
>> greg and i are definitely back together. >> okay. did he propose to you? we heard a rumor he proposed to you on new year's. >> no. it's not -- >> you tweeted about it. >> i tweeted about it on new year's eve. and i love twitter, as a matter of fact. so please follow me on twitter, everybody. @neneleakes. you need to follow me so you can hear me trash talk. no, i'm not trash talking. i talk about a lot of nice stuff. no, i think people can see on "the real housewives of atlanta" that greg and i are together, and i think people want to know if we're going to go to the next level. >> right. that's what i'm asking. >> the answer is? >> you'll have to tune into the housewives. >> that's not very direct. >> thank you. >> oh, man. >> tuesday, 9:30, 8:30 central time. >> from normal to buck wild. >> oh, no. >> some people are calling it the new "jersey shore" right after this. >> okay. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist chris warren with your weather channel forecast. for today looking across the country, the snow that we saw in
2:47 am
southwest texas will be moving out, and the system will bring rain throughout parts of the gulf coast, the gulf coast of texas. still a frontal system hanging around parts of central florida and disturbances rolling over the top. will bring a chance for some showers where the mildest air is going to be to the south. coldest air still to the north with readings in the 20s and 30s in many spots for daytime highs. on saturday another system, not much with it as far as moisture goes. still a chance for some showers throughout parts of the gulf coast states. still going to be cold in the northeast. and we're looking at lake effect snow and possibly several inches of snow over the next few days, including saturday. the tug hill plateaus are right in here. and the coldest air still going to be here in northern new england, the northern plains, and we're looking at some cool air throughout much of the west. still a chance for some snow showers throughout the great lakes on sunday. throughout parts of the southeast more clouds and some showers. it's going to be cold throughout the plains with temperatures topping out for highs only in
2:48 am
the 30s. and then on monday you can see a front lining up right here. that's going to help bring in a little cooler air on tuesday. but it's still going to be lingering right around the canadian border. minneapolis dropping just a few degrees. we're starting to see some warming conditions early on in the week. and you can see another area of low pressure setting up here throughout parts of the southeast and then in the southern plains, chance for some rain as things are turning mild. temperatures getting into the upper 40s for louisville. and in chicago 41. we're going to watch out for the chance for some showers the beginning to the middle of next week. as the next system rolls in. things are going to be pretty quiet, though, in the northeast, with highs in the lower to mid 40s. another system moving into the pacific northwest. remember weekdays on the weather channel starting at 5:30 in the morning you can wake up with al. i played a round of in the last five hours? then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater;
2:49 am
jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
2:50 am
move over "jersey shore." mtv has some new kids in town.
2:51 am
small town, west virginia. >> the new show is called "buck wild," and it follows the lives of nine adventurous friends doing a little country living. let's face it. if you haven't been to a dump truck pool party, then you are missing out. shane gandy and shay bradley are two of the show's stars. hey. are you all ready? tonight is the big premiere. >> 10:00. >> we've seen some of the clips and there's a lot of -- it looks like people diving in mud baths and laughing and hooting and hollering. what happens in this show? >> you know, that was a little bit of it, but it's just nine of my friends living in the middle of nowhere. just making our own fun, doing what we want and when we want. >> with what we got. >> with what you got. >> what do you got? >> not much. that's what i'm saying. we got what we got. >> there's ridiculous stuff. >> like what? tell us what you think is ridiculous that people can have fun with. like what? >> i don't know. you can have fun with tires. >> that was just tarps, and we
2:52 am
just put soap suds and water and slid around. >> what's the message you're trying to get out, besides your having a good time. is there something you want the audience to walk away with? >> it's just have fun. live in the moment. >> you only live once. so live it up. >> the senator of your great state was very upset that this was going to be on mtv, and actually said, look, they went to mtv and said we wish you guys will take this off, it's going to make us all look terrible, and we don't want to all be cast with this broad brush. what do you think about that? >> well, as far as the criticism goes, i represent myself and myself only, so to say that nine individuals represent the whole state of west virginia is just silly. you know? >> but do you think that it's a good thing for west virginia? i think that's what he was saying. that it poorly represents young people in west virginia. >> i'm representing myself. >> we aren't representing everyone there. we are who we are. >> even my best friends on the show, if they do something embarrassing, that's on them. i represent myself only. >> i picked you as the crazy one.
2:53 am
>> what do you do? what kind of crazy stuff? >> well, i get in this big old tractor tire, and, well, at first she starts it up. she's on flat ground. she rolls on it. let's take it back there to the holler and roll down this big old hill. >> so you roll down in a tire inside it? >> inside it. and i'm going there -- my knees hitting me in the face. oh, my gosh. then it flips me out. oh, my gosh. >> then what happens? >> then i can't do nothing. i'm just laying there like in a maze. oh, my gosh. oh, that was awesome. >> he does the craziest stuff, and he gets up like nothing happened. >> okay. you know your lives are going to change because the fame that happened to the "jersey shore" kids could be happening to you. >> are you ready for that? >> sure. >> we haven't changed at all. our friendship, nothing's changed. >> okay. we wish you guys good luck because "buck wild" premieres tonight on mtv. >> good luck. >> uh-huh. >> okay. >> next up we're going to show you how to look like a million for way less.
2:54 am
we'll be back with more of "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
2:56 am
♪ beautiful girls ♪ back now with "today's beauty" and how to look like a million bucks for just pennies. >> "glamour" contributing beauty editor andrea pomerantz is the author of the new book "how to look expensive." it's full of insider beauty advice that celebrities pay top dollar to get. hey. >> hi, guys. thanks for having me. >> you're going to tell us how to do things. >> i'm going to show you how to do great things that are celebrity secrets. they're simple, they're easy, and most important, they're free. first thing has to do with champagne. >> why are we putting champagne on our hair? >> we're putting champagne on our hair because we highlighted half of her hair. this is a before. that's the after. >> just wait. champagne on your hair -- >> champagne on your hair. if you've got any leftover
2:57 am
bubbly, it doesn't have to be good champagne. it can be the cheap stuff. what you're going to do is pour some. i'm going to show you what we did. >> pour champagne on your hair. >> save a little for us. >> saturate the hair. then use the heat of a blow dryer, and a diffuser. it will give you the beautiful -- if you can see the ends of her hair have that gorgeous ombre effect that people spend a fortune on. >> and it doesn't look disgusting. >> it adds body to your hair and makes it bright, shiny. >> you blow it dry. >> next time you shampoo, you'll still have the highlights. >> wow. >> okay. >> like the old lemon juice trick. >> now, these tips come from jennifer aniston's dermatologist? >> shhh. >> secret's out. >> secret's out. bobby buca may kill me that i said that. but here we go. i'm talking gauze pads with soy milk. it helps with pigmentation. it counteracts the pigmentation. dip it in. i'm going to do it on your face. you could do it on your chest for pigmentation. just go like that.
2:58 am
you could do this a few times. >> what exactly does that do? what exactly does that do? >> what that does is it counteracts pigmentation. so it will even out your skin tone. >> dark spots, will it get rid of them? >> bingo. >> really? >> soy milk. >> wow. >> what about bags under the eyes? >> bags under eyes we've got two really fun ideas. we made jell-o squares, wrapped them in saran wrap and -- >> you froze them. >> we froze them. and you can keep them in the fridge for when you have those nights when you know you're going to have a bad morning. >> that is rude. that is really rude. >> how long do you keep them on? >> you leave them on for ten minutes. >> okay. >> i'll give you each one of these. >> yeah. sure. >> do you eat this? >> green tea antioxidant popsicle. again, this would feel great on the bags of your eyes. but it's also a great skin treatment for redness. and everyone has green tea. how easy is that?
2:59 am
i keep these in the freezer all the time. they feel great. >> i'm not going to give you one. i think you're busy enough. >> okay. >> this one i didn't quite understand. it's using your mascara wand for eyeliner. >> any mascara you have will work. this is one of my favorites. what i did is i use a eyeliner, a eyeliner brush. >> you stick it in. >> you stick it in and then you have a two-fer. >> what's the difference between using regular eyeliner and that? >> cheaper. >> oh, it saves you money. >> saves a few bucks. it's also a great trick. actually, makeup artists do this because you can do it very subtly and make your eyelashes look really thick. >> oh, okay. >> i like the gold too. >> this is blake lively's makeup artist's trick. again, she told me blake would till her for sharing it but i'm doing that. what you do is after you apply the black, or you can do it without the black, you rim your eyes with gold. it's almost like walking around under candlelight. gives you this gorgeous glow. >> wow. >> we all love. >> what's the olive oil? quickly.


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